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We have wood available for free, including free delivery.  


Here's how it works:  

We deliver wood that varies in size.  Some may be small and easy to manage, and some may be large rounds or logs that are heavy and require a tractor to move.  


We DO NOT deliver wood that is split or fireplace ready.  


The wood is a mixture of soft and/or hard wood.  We are unable to accommodate special requests for specific types of wood.  

The wood is usually fresh cut, and not seasoned. 

DISCLAIMER and WAIVER of LIABILITY: By requesting this free service, you acknowledge this waiver of liability.  Bailey Tree Company, Inc. assumes no liability and is not responsible for damage to property while delivering wood.  It is the homeowner's responsibility to indicate the appropriate access to Bailey Tree Company, Inc.  including an appropriate place to dump the wood keeping in mind that the wood can be heavy and difficult to move.  Once the wood is dumped, it is yours and Bailey Tree Company, Inc. will not return to pick up wood. 

To be added to the Free Wood List, please fill out the form below or call our office at 916-859-0888, option 4. 

Free Wood Request Form

Thanks for submitting!

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