Free wood chips are available for delivery within our working area. Wood chips (or mulch) recycle important nutrients back into the soil. Mulch also helps to protect your tree's root system from compaction, lawn mower damage, freezing temperatures and holds in moisture during droughts. A layer of mulch helps moderate the soil temperature to keep trees growing during the summer heat.

You can spread them around trees and shrubs, in flower beds and they're great for making foot paths. They can also help alleviate erosion problems, as well as keep weeds down. The wood chips are recommended for use as ground cover, driveways, parking areas and mulch piles. It's a great way to recycle our natural resources.

Please note that these chips are not like the commercial bark products you would buy from a landscape store. This is a coarse, organic wood chip.

That being said, many people love these wood chips. A lot end up sharing with their neighbors and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How large a quantity will you deliver?
A: Wood chips are delivered only when a truck has reached its full capacity. Customers requesting wood chips receive a full truckload of chips, approximately 10-12 cubic yards. We cannot offer partial or smaller loads.

Q: What type of wood will the "chips" consist of?
A: It is impossible to predict what type of wood will make up a load of chips. Sometimes a load of chips consists of only one type of wood but usually a load consists of a combination of woods- most commonly oak, eucalyptus, pine, cedar, redwood and others. The chips would also include twigs and leaves.  We don't offer delivery of specific woods.

Q: Can I pre-schedule a specific date and time for my wood chips delivery?
A: Because it's difficult to accurately predict where a truck will be located when it reaches capacity, we cannot schedule wood chip deliveries in advance. We will try to contact you the day before delivery.

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